Friday, April 27, 2007

My New Revelation

I have decided to continue my diet FOREVER!!!
I feel great, I think my clothes fit a bit better, and I lost maybe a pound or two.
The thing is, the basic principle behind any detox, or healthy weight loss is to eat less processed food, don't indulge in sweets and no white, refined, unnutritious fillers like white bread etc..

Last night I cheated and had an orange and 5 prawns.
Today I had 3 triskets with brie cheese from treat day.

Tonight, I am making: Turkey Meatloaf with Asparagus which is a little different than my usual cooking extravaganzas that involves cream and short ribs. The recipe is from a Light Cooking book that uses a lot of naturally fat free items like vegetables and herbs for flavor instead of using substitutes like fat-free sour cream etc.. That is why I am not fond of cookbooks like Looney Spoons. The recipes are low fat, but full of processed items like ketchup. I understand that may be good for people who like fast easy food and used to eating hamburgers for dinner.

But for me, I am on a mission to eat healthy unprocessed foods that are delicious. My next step is to try and eat more foods that are environmentally and ethically feasible.

I know, one step at a time....


Anonymous said...

does that mean you won't booze with me anymore? come on Janet.... ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah, does that mean, I can't take you to McDonald's?

luthiyen said...

Hye! I'd like to get on a detox diet like you did too. Can you please tell me how to make that soy-banana milkshake?
oh and can you gimme the title and author of that light cooking book?
It would really help me a lot:D