Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My New Diet

I know, I know, "diet" should not belong to a foodie's vocabulary. But imagine this: after months of eating and drinking with abandon, you step on the scale because finally you have to face the truth. The pants are getting tighter, and the appetite just gets bigger. AGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

So I decided to do something about it. I ate salads and tried to abstain from booze, which in itself is like giving up on happiness. Then, even God gave me a sign to smarten up and loose the tub when I won a free 6 month membership to Fitness World.

The final kicker was last night at yoga when my gym crazed friend pinched my arm and said, "What is you fat % anyways?" As I was lamely explaining to her that I am doing all I can to get the situation under control, a fellow yogi heard, and recommended the Joshi diet. Seriously, I was expecting her to run to my rescue and say the polite "you don't need to lose weight". But she didn't. So that was it, my new detox diet and exercise regime is beginning today.

I am following the Joshi diet, which is a very healthy regiminen of chicken or fish (except tuna), soy products, no dairy except buffalo mozzarella, cottage and ricotta cheese, almonds, no fruits except for bananas, no carbs except for brown rice, veggies except for tomatoes, peppers and avocados, olive oil, and lemon for flavor. Apparently, after dieting like this for 21 days, I would have flushed enough toxins and fat stores out of my body, that I can relax a bit and eat moderate amounts of other foods.

So I am going in with a positive attitude and see it as a challenge for my culinary abilities. I will try to produce yummy food with the limited amount of ingredients I can work with. This is like the ultimate iron chef challenge. Everyday, I will post what I ate during the day and do a weigh-in every week. This is truly an ultimate test of my self control.......