Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day 2 (19 to go)

Breakfast: banana and soy milk shake and a handful of almonds

Snack: tofu and veggie soup, banana, and handful of almonds
Tony brought in some sinful cinnamon buns from some nice West Van bakery for our snack. Bastard! 1st encounter with temptation and I resisted!!

Lunch: 1/2 chicken breast and tofu and veggie soup

Snack: a banana and handful of almonds

Dinner: spinach sauteed with anchovies and garlic and plain organic yoghurt with honey.
( I sauteed 3 cloves of garlic with 2 anchovy fillet in olive oil until the fillets dissolved. Added 1 whole box of baby organic spinach and sauteed untill the spinach wilted.) It was yummy!
I think anchovies are going to be one of my favorite ingredients from now on, as it adds flavor to dishes that require seasoning from sauces etc. (which I cannot eat during detox).

Exercise: Cardio Kick box class (hellish)

I have this constant headache because of caffeine withdrawal. I don't know if you noticed, but I keep on eating bananas and almonds because I associate them with things like banana cream pie, almond chocolate dacquoise etc.. Apparently, my liver is getting cleansed and my cravings for sugar and caffeine will stop. My question is: when??!!

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Keep up the work! (=