Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thomas Haas

While you are stuck invigilating exams all day on a beautiful sunny day like today, it is your obligation to treat yourself to a glorious lunch. So, Cara and I headed over to our locally famous pastry chef, Thomas Haas', cafe for lunch and of course, a little chocolate delight.

I first heard of Thomas Haas when an ex boyfriend, who knew about my culinary obsession, impressed me with a birthday cake from Senses, Haas' famed bakery and restaurant. It was a chocolate champagne cake that was so sinful....When presented to a lover, I guarantee, you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

Anyways, back to Thomas Haas. He is the kind of inspiration that we all need once in a while when we are stuck at our desks doing monotonous things like regurgitating comments for report cards. Born in Germany, Haas travelled around the world to learn and perfect his craft: pastry arts. He did various stints as culinary instructor and executive pastry chef for some famed establishments before settling down in Vancouver and realizing his dream of opening up a chocolate and pastry shop.

His shop is so well received that even though it is tucked inside an industrial area by the North Vancouver auto mall, it is still busy with patrons ordering sandwiches and desserts. Cara ordered the Turkey Brie on Cranberry Bread while I had the Thai Crab Salad Ciabatta. The sandwiches were both grilled and very tasty. As much as I would have loved to finish my meal off with a piece of their stilton cheesecake, I was so stuffed that I only got one of their signature Sparkle cookies, and accompanied it with an Americano and two beautiful little pieces of chocolates.

Now, those little chocolates are truly pieces of art. Not only are they delightfully tasty with flavours like banana ganache and french tea, they are also beautifully decorated and completely sensual. The Sparkle cookie was rich and chocolately, and delicious when washed down with one of their strong espresso drinks.

Life is good when chocolates are around.

Thoms Haas Patisserie and Cappucino Bar Unit 128- 998 Harbourside Drive North Vancouver 604-924-1847

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Anonymous said...

what the hell? while you were out eating lunch, did you think to bring anything back for your hard-working boss? I am shocked and dismayed :(