Thursday, July 5, 2007

On Vacation

I know, I am not the most diligent blogger, especially when summer comes and I am consistently on vacation. However, hold your horses, as I am in one of the gastronomical capitals of U.S.A. ....Chicago. I am eating my way through restaurants, going to the Taste of Chicago, and cooking for my dear friends who I am visiting. And I cannot believe that I am on a computer at this moment, as I believe that vacations should be internet and mobile free. I will reminisce about my adventure with you when I get home in about a week.

Btw, I am enjoying a nice glass of riesling and eating a nice piece of Mung Bean Coconut cake that my friend's Mom made for us.


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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Enjoy your epicurean adventures ... I ventured into Gastown yesterday to sample some fabulous Italian fare .... gnocchi al pesto with some friends ... watched the sunset while eating dinner. Have fun in Chicago and ttys! -- Cara