Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fuzhou Eats

I went to Fuzhou a couple of weeks ago to visit my grandmother. Fuzhou is my ancestral province, where both sides of my family is from. I don't know what it is, but it seems like the preference for Fuzhounese food is imprinted in my DNA. Usually, I am not as brave when I visit other parts of the world. I prefer not to eat the street foods, and while there are many parts of the world that I gluttonize over, none compares to feasting on food from the homeland.

Fuzhou is known for its Lake Seafood. There are many different types of seafood there that I have never seen anywhere else, and my family has an addiction to razor clams. Every visit to the motherland involves a big family feast where my aunt and uncle cooks up a storm. Homemade food highlights this time:

-Razor clams
-Fuzhounese fish balls with meet stuffing
-Mashed taro dessert
-Steamed sticky rice with lake crab
-double boiled lake duck

But the most usual thing I ate on this trip is some kind of a crustacean that my uncle ordered at a restaurant. Apparently, it is an endangered species in Hong Kong, that is why we can't get it here. I confess, I ate it, as I don't think it is endangered in China, yet?! Regardless of how something tastes, I feel that it is my duty to boycott resources that are not managed properly. However, I confess, I do want to taste it once it is on the table in front of you. And really, it just taste like a cross between a lobster and a crab. With choices abound in this world, there really is no need to over stuff ourselves with scarce food source, is there?

BTW: I attached that funny crustacean for your viewing purposes.

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