Thursday, March 13, 2008

My favourites so far....

While I am stuck waiting between appointments for student teacher conferencing, I actually have time to peruse through food blogs and get inspired again.

Since being in Hong Kong, I have noticed that people here are obsessed with food. If there is space in a block, there will be a restaurant in Hong Kong. So,when you are in a place where food is cheap and bountiful, one of two things happens to you:

1.) You become a fussy eater. Gone are the days when you eat whatever is laid out in front of you. You would rather wait in line for an hour or take a 15 minute taxi ride to your preferred restaurant even though you probably will pass by a hundred (literally) restaurants on your way there.

2.) You get fat or go on a diet. The pounds keep packing in, and healthy and delicious have yet to become the trend here. For some reason, even though everyone is very image conscious and freely give out comments about your weight and theirs, they still think brown rice is just wrong and it is perfectly delectable to eat meat rendered in fat for lunch.

Actually, both things happened to me. I am a fussy eater on a diet. However, a girl has got to live vicariously once in a while, so I still go out and eat fabulous meals. Here are my favourite haunts in Hong Kong so far....

1.) Brunch Club

It is the perfect place to chill and catch up with girl or boy friends. There walls are lined with magazines, their latte is hot and service is great. I normally don't order omelettes because very few resaturants do them right. However, the smoked salmon omelette I had last time was absolutely delicious. Cooked just enough that it is fluffy but the middle is not runny. There was also chunks and not bits of salmon. Yummy!

70 Peel Street- Soho area
4 Hysan Road- Causeway Bay

2. Modern China

You must visit the food forum in Times Square. There is a separate line of escalators under the big TV screen that goes up to 3 floors packed with restaurants. Most of them are good, but it will take me a while to try all of them and give you a best of list. However, I particularly like Modern China because it serves delicious Shanghainese and Pekingnese food at an economic price in a cool environment. The only thing is you might have to wait an hour before you eat because they do not take reservations after 6:30 p.m. The good thing is, you can shop while you wait.

10 Floor Food Forum, Times Square, Causeway Bay

3. Isola

On a typical warm day in Hong Kong, the best place to chilax will be at Isola. Their outdoor patio is huge and if you are lucky, you may get a couch table along the glass fencing facing the ocean. I admit, the drinks are pricey (approx. HK$80 a drink) and the food is okay. But really, this is a case where the atmosphere is worth the hard earned dollars you are shelling out. Another thing I find particularly refreshing about this place is that when you sit outside, there is some rule (government or restaurant imposed) where the servers cannot go beyond a few steps into the patio, so your waiter will not bring you the food or drinks, but will come to inform you to fetch it from a little stand they put by the patio door. This is good, I think, because one will always know that it is time to stop with those delectable martinis when one can no longer carry the glass in high heels across the patio...

Isola- IFC mall Central


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