Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hong Kong, Finally!

So I have finally arrived in the motherland with my good friends Carm and Mal. Hong Kong is ultra hot and humid and even for this tropical lover, it is a bit of an adjustment. There are tons of people around, shops opening until midnight, and best of all rows upon rows of restaurants.

What would three girls possibly do in a place like this?? Well, shop and eat, eat and shop. It is truly my version of paradise. Restaurants line the streets like Starbucks line the streets of America. There is not one block where you cannot get food. So far, I've been stuffing myself at Hong Kong Style cafes and Noodle and Congee places. I mean, this is what Hong Kong is about, cheap and tasty eats. True, it is more eat to life style where you have to share a table with strangers while shamelessly slurping your noodles. But the noodle is just the right texture, and the broth is deliciously fragrant and the whole thing costs you $2 CDN. So what are you going to complain about?

The best thing is that I just met a new friend called Christina. She loves eating almost as much as I do. And she has been living and exploring all the eateries in HK all her life, so I cannot wait to hang out with her more and give you the insider info on the tastiest most econo way to eat through Hong Kong.

I love my life!!


Anonymous said...

we want to see pictures of the food!!!

Cara said...

Hey gorgeous! Your fellow foodie just wanted to say hello from Tofino! Glad to hear you are settling in and enjoying life. I will be heading to San Francisco next week to sample some fabulous cuisine of my own. Take care and keep in touch, Cara.

emmyemmy said...

glad u made it safe n sound! eat some good stuff but stay healthy! remember how i got superfat when i was teaching overseas. don't be like me. d:

Tony said...

you missed out on great food at the wedding! will send some photos when they come through. keep in touch

Anonymous said...

hullow, luv ur blog, very upbeat and very delish.. can u pls post the name of the light cooking book u used b4, and one more thing, how did you make that soy-banana shake ? need to get on detox diet as well ,gaah