Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Wonderful World of Blogging

Dear Friends,

I have found my new obsession in life: Food Blogging. I swear to God, now I understand. This is how people get weird sociopathic issues like not knowing how to act in public because they never leave the house. Hey, why should they when you can just sit around all day in your PJs and read about people eating macaroons in France right there in your living room. The best thing: finally, I find other lunatics out there who are just like me. We think about food all day long. What we should have, where to get it, and how to make it.

Since I am leaving from Vancouver soon to go work in Hong Kong, I think I will start a series of reviews on my absolute favorite restaurants in the city. Oh, how I will miss them! As well, I will explore eateries that I have been meaning to visit but got sidetracked by other more pressing ones at the time. So no more visits to a restaurant just because its name sounded cool. Focus, J. Focus. So here is to all you people who call me for restaurant recommendations.


cd said...

Love it!!

NW Flight 164 said...

"Culinary diva by night" <-- Nice

carm said...

Can't wait to hear your reviews for HK culinary hotspots! A good place to enjoy Spanish Tapas and Sangria in Hong Kong is El Cida, near the Stanley area. The spectacular view is a bonus but make sure you get seated outside.

Anonymous said...

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